Welcome to Six Gorillas

Everyone talks about a better world! But what does that mean?

Well for one thing it means a different world!

So, we want a different world. Whether this is a better world will often depend on your point of view. But in order to have this “Different world” we need to discuss what this means and how we achieve it. It is only by engaging in this conversation that we will able to help direct the changes to make this “Different world”, one that we want for ourselves, our families, our friends and our communities to live in.


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3 thoughts on “Welcome to Six Gorillas

  1. Just came here to visit and check out your site as Jess from Rabbidlittlehippy had mentioned meeting you at Gav’s birthday and I was curious…I must say I LOVE your version of Captcha. I usually hate having to fill in the stupid letters and number combo’s (tend to get them wrong the first time 😉 ) but this looks like great fun…I am with you on the communication…the sharing of knowledge. As a couple of middle aged penniless student hippies living in Northern Tasmania we spend our days attempting to communicate our ideas and ideals and turn them into reality. Nothing like being penniless to hone your ability to communicate ;). Great site and will just head off and check out a few more posts AFTER I reunite the worm to his apple (LOVE sweetCaptcha 🙂 )

    • Thanks for the comment. Yep, Jess and I had a great time at Gav’s birthday party.

      I was pretty happy to find this simple and fun version of Captcha because the others drive me nuts as well.

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