Feb 01

Rebuilding a Garden Bed

I originally posted this in The Good Earth segment of the Wonderful World Media Network site where I have a monthly gardening show that is broadcast live on 3WBC community radio in Melbourne.

These pictures show the construction of a new compact Garden-bed rebuilt after the installation of a 25,000 Litre tank which wiped out the existing garden bed.

  • First, the excess topsoil from the old garden bed is removed
  • Organic material is added including blood and bone
  • The drip irrigation system is installed and
  • Mulch laid over the whole bed after seedlings are planted

The bed is doing extraordinally well although it is a bit congested. If I was doing it again I would mulch first and then part the mulch to plant the seedlings. Much easier.

After six weeks we were harvesting zucchini and the cucumbers are ready as well !!

There is still a bit of work to do around the bed and the tank, so this layout might change in the future. But that’s one of the joys of the garden, the continual evolution and change.

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Nov 13

A Different World

A Different World Indeed!

That’s what everyone says they want. Change! From what we have now, to something else. It can range from the mundane, “I want a new car” or the important, “I want a better life for my children”, right through to the epic, “I want and end to World Hunger”

But how? In order to get this “better world” things have to change. But in order for things to change, old habits must be broken and new behaviour has to emerge. Overcoming ingrained attitudes is not easy because, “this is what we have always done – it’s the way of things”. The key is finding out the reasons behind this attitude and either changing them or showing that they no longer apply.

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