Dec 23

The Internet of Chickens -Teaser

Back at the end of August another fox got in and killed two chickens before I scared it off. Grrrrrr!!

“That’s it”, I thought, “I wont let this happen again, I’ll build an automatic door for the chicken coop and that will (hopefully) solve the problem”.

I looked around to see if there were examples of automatic doors and, not surprisingly, I found quite a diverse range of ideas, DIY and commercial devices. After looking around and deciding on a design style there was nothing left to do except build it. Easy!

Well three months later,      I finally finished it.

Why did it take so long? Well, that will be the subject of another post (probably several really) detailing the construction, the false starts, the changes along the way and the programming (!) of, what is the start of,

The Internet of Chickens

For now, here is a short video showing the door opening in the morning to let out the chickens. And it was very nice to know that the chickens were being locked in at 9:00pm while I was out.


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May 02

The Start of Something Interesting

As the title says, the start of something interesting.

When I set up this site I wanted to gain a bit of experience managing the site and experimenting a bit since I forgot to duck and found myself fixing and managing the website for Wonderful World Media Network (WWMN). WWMN is a group of volunteers that produces a number of environmentally and positively themed community radio shows and podcasts.

Rather than mess around too much with that site I decided to play around with this one and learn from my mistakes here. And there been a quite a few!

Since then I have set up a few more websites (as favours for friends) and due to other committments I have not been really active on this one. But, things change, as they say, and hopefully I will get a bit more active on this one and start sharing some of my sustainability, permaculture and other interests and activities and, of course, the odd bit of sillyness.

Stay tuned 😉 .



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Nov 13

A Different World

A Different World Indeed!

That’s what everyone says they want. Change! From what we have now, to something else. It can range from the mundane, “I want a new car” or the important, “I want a better life for my children”, right through to the epic, “I want and end to World Hunger”

But how? In order to get this “better world” things have to change. But in order for things to change, old habits must be broken and new behaviour has to emerge. Overcoming ingrained attitudes is not easy because, “this is what we have always done – it’s the way of things”. The key is finding out the reasons behind this attitude and either changing them or showing that they no longer apply.

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