HAZELNUTS! and Other Late Harvests

HAZELNUTS! yes, we have hazelnuts 🙂

We planted three hazelnut plants last year and it looked like we were going to get a nice crop, so excited! But, the cockatoos discovered them,  and then there were none 🙁

But, while chasing one of the chooks away from a rogue piece of packing foam, I discovered these hiding in the mulch.

IMG_2562-hazelnuts sesame_count-transparent

Three! Count them, one, two, three!

AH, AH, AH, three little hazelnuts!




And very nice they were too 😀

Next year I will make sure they are properly netted and protected.

We also harvested the last of the grapes and the figs.

IMG_2539-grapes-web IMG_2448-figs-web

Only the quinces are left and I have to get them indoors pretty quickly because the birds have started on those, since there is nothing else around.

How is your harvest going?


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