Our Permablitz Part 1

Yes, Part 1, because there’s a lot to share 😀

We had a Permablitz at our place a few days ago on a perfect sunny winter’s day. If you’re not sure what a permablitz is:


Permablitz Defined (www.permablitz.net)

“Permablitz (noun): An informal gathering involving a day on which a group of at least two people come together to achieve the following:
    – create or add to edible gardens
    – share skills related to permaculture and sustainable living
    – build community
    – have fun
Permablitzes are free events, open to the public, with free workshops, shared food, where you get some exercise and have a wonderful time. To be defined as a permablitz each event must also be preceded by a permaculture design by a designer with a Permaculture Design Certificate. The network runs on reciprocity.”

But the definition doesn’t do justice to the amazing event and transformation that happens on the day.

We were blown away by the attendance and the fabulous transformation.
We had over 40 people throughout the day and collectively we

  • Dug 50 metres of irrigation trenches,
  • Moved 5 metres of recycled hardwood mulch for the mulch trenches
  • Moved 9 metres of straw for the chook run and garden beds
  • Assembled a vertical garden trellis around the 25kL tank using 12 metres of recycled wire-mesh fencing
  • Installed the posts and sleepers for the 14m fence for the chook run
  • Planted out 5 metres of strawberries under the grapevines
  • Weeded the area around the grapevine and transplanted the Pepino
  • Weeded, mulched and replanted three raised veggie garden beds
  • Weeded the pathways and areas surrounding the veggie garden
  • Pruned several fruit trees in the orchard area
  • Moved 2.5 tonnes of old sleepers into temporary storage
  • Installed grey water irrigation system to the mulch trenches


Phew! No wonder we were tired 😛

So, just to whet your appetite, here are a few selected photos taken by Edwin Reese from PhotoProTours.com on the day as part of the Blitz. Edwin has kindly given permission to share these here but note that Edwin retains copyright on the photos as per this notice

All photos on this post (Copyright 2014 – Edwin Reese – PhotoProTours.com)

_R140164_R140035  _R140039_R140159     _R140108 _R140099 _R140080 _R140073 _R140070 _R140064 _R140059   _R140026 _R140131_R140127_R140169































We have plenty more photos and possibly a video of the event to come in part 2.


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One thought on “Our Permablitz Part 1

  1. The perfect way to get a whole lot done in a very short time and share the permie love around. Excellent job 🙂

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