Back in Timor Leste

It’s great to be back in Timor Leste helping our northern neighbours as they rebuild their nation. It’s even more gratifying knowing that we have the support and assistance of a large group of people who have donated their time and money to help us in this great work.

Here is a random selection of photos from our first installation in Atekru, a small fishing village on Atauro, the island off the coast of Dili. We were warmly welcomed by the community and the ATA and Timor Adventure groups had a fabulous time installing lights and power at the local primary school.

I’ll have more details shortly, but for now enjoy the happy snaps.

unloading rotary containera school group collecting donated furniture from rotary
bronze medallist Jane Moran
leaving dili beach

leaving Dili beach 2

heading for Dili 2
heading for Dili
in the fishing boat
arrival at fishing village Atekru

installation activity
installing the lights

final connections by torchlight

200Ah of batteriessystem control board

up go the panels 2
up go the panelssystem hondover

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2 thoughts on “Back in Timor Leste

    • The switches are for the classroom lights. The control board and classroom switches are located in the Staff room. This is to prevent the kids playing with them especially in the evenings after school. The light-switch for the staff room is just inside the door where you would expect.


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